Pet Team



Hello, hello, I am Corky an Amazon parrot and I came to Coral Reef after my owner could no longer keep me. I have settled in nicely and am currently residing in the hospital lobby. This works great for me since I am very social and enjoying greeting people as they come in the front door with my shouting. I am working on driving the staff crazy, at least sometimes.


Tiger Lilly

My name is Tiger Lilly. Actually, my full name is Princess Tiger Lilly Sharp Claws. I was brought into Coral Reef because I was having a lot of pee “accidents” at home. My owners did what they could to help but nothing made me feel better. Turns out I just needed a change of scenery ! I have been great since I have come here and am happy with my new family.


My name is Misty, and I am the senior greeter here at Coral Reef Animal Hospital. I spend my days waiting for unsuspecting clients to sneak up on and love. I don’t ever take no for an answer, so be prepared to pet me until you leave! I didn’t always live here though. I did have a family at one time who loved me very much. However, my family brought a new baby home, and I became very jealous and began to act out. So Coral Reef adopted me and became the star of the lobby!


My name is Gracie, and I am the keeper of the laundry room. When I was younger my previous owner did not spend time with me, and I was left alone most of the time. Now it is hard for me to make new friends, and I am frightened of the outside world. When I first came to Coral Reef Animal Hospital I was to scared to come out of my cage, and spent most of my time hiding under my blanket. Now I have upgraded from a cage, to a towel fort I have built for myself in the laundry room, and even venture out when I’m feeling brave.


My name is Baboom. I am the youngest cat here at Coral Reef. I was born to a feral mom, and was living on the street. A nice lady brought me here to make sure I was healthy, but she was not able to keep me, and I was to be put back outside. I have a condition that has caused some nerve damage in my back where my tail should be, so my coordination and balance isn’t always the best. This can make it hard to escape from danger, especially outside. The staff here couldn’t bear to think of me outside, so they decided to let me stay with them. Now I spend my days sunbathing in the windows, and stealing everyone’s chairs!



My name is Roo-Roo. I was treated here after a fight with a wild animal that damaged my leg. While being hospitalized here my “mom” became very ill, and was hospitalized herself and days later she passed away. The people here at Coral Reef adopted me and Dr. Langford helped me with my leg. After several surgeries I can finally use my leg. I love people but I am kind of jealous of the other cats. Well, I was born in 1996 so I have the right to my title as “the grumpy old lady of the lobby”. I am very sweet with people but I do no have the patience for the younger cats antics.



I am the newest addition to the Coral Reef family. My previous “mom” was unable to keep both of her cats. Unfortunately, she had to choose. Her other cat was much older and would have a difficult time adjusting to a new home, so I was offered a new home here at Coral Reef. I was very shy, and the first days I spent hiding in the Office Managers filing cabinet. One day I felt brave and started exploring. I love it! I had no idea the excitement I was missing! Now no one can stop me! I get into everything and keep the people here running to keep me out of trouble. Sometimes I think I am driving everybody crazy! They understand though. I am still very young and playful, I can’t help it! Here my nickname is “troublesome two” I spend a lot of time with Laya, plotting how to drive the other cats and people crazy! and in case you are curious my name is short for GEORGEUS … just take a look at me and you will agree with everybody.

Laya and Georgie



My name is Laya. I am a “Temporary Resident” here at Coral Reef. My “dad” was deployed in June of 2011 so I am “almost” adopted by the people at Coral Reef. I miss my “dad” and he misses me. He calls whenever he has a chance and they put me on the phone with him. I recognize his voice and bark for him. Its kind of a sad situation for everybody, but I try to understand that my “dad” is serving the Country and he left me in good hands. The people at Coral Reef love me so much! They take me for long walks in the neighborhood and at the beach. I love those walks! I am kind of a trouble maker. I can jump fences, I get into everything and have joined forces with one of the hospital cats “Georgie”. Together we make quite the troublesome pair! (But they forgive us because we are both soooo cute!)


I am the baby of the house birds. Sixteen years ago, Dr. Langford was helping a breeder move, and when he returned home, he found a little egg left behind in his truck. He asked the breeder if he would like the egg returned, and was told to keep it. So he took me home, cared for me, hatched me, he did not know whether I was a girl or a boy so he picked a name which fits both : Jessie. Here I am, sometimes I talk a lot but usually I am shy, quiet and a beautiful girl always.


I am Pandora, an Amazon parrot that came to live here after my owner could no longer care for me, many years have passed and I am so happy here. I do love to eat, talk and sing, you should listen my long and loud songs and my chattings. I am a “bilingual” bird and have plenty to say in both English and Spanish!


Yup .. I am Romeo, my name tells you a lot … I am “the boy”, a handsome African Gray parrot that came to live here after my owner could no longer care for me. I am the prankster of the bunch, have an extensive vocabulary, and am the master of sound effects.

In Memorial…


My name is Aria and I have been with my new Coral Reef family since 2010 when I was 14 years old. My previous owner took wonderful care of me, but my diabetic needs made it hard for her because she travels for business. She did not want to jeopardize my health, so Coral Reef helped us –my owner and myself- and they adopted me so, I am here and… guess what ?, I am the Queen !! I rule the place just with my looks.

** Sadly, Aria passed after six years of battling diabetes.  We lost her on May 7th of 2014 at eighteen years of age.  She brought us many years of companionship, elegance, and love. She will be greatly missed.


My name is Mibig. I came to live at Coral Reef Animal Hospital because my previous family did not want me anymore. I had become very stressed at home, and was having some trouble using the litter box. Instead of trying to help me, my family decided that I should be euthanized. Of course the people here would not let that happen to me, and took me in. Now I have received the medical attention I needed, and I am back to being a normal happy cat. The only issue I have now is trying to shed some pounds, but I can’t seem to keep my paws out of everyone else’s food!

** Our Mibig passed away in September 2013.  Mibig had a hilarious personality and she kept us laughing.  She used to attack her food bowls when they were empty and was always stealing food from her hospital brothers and sisters.  She would even steal food from her boarding friends  She was very dear to us and we miss her tremendously.


December 1999 – November 2010 Our Sam came to us in 2008. He had been having issues at home for months, that his owner could no longer handle. He was in renal failure, Sam was a fighter, and battled his condition with determination and grace, and managed to win the hearts of every employee, client, or anyone who just happened into the hospital. He spent his days in the arms of anyone willing to love him, and if he wasn’t there, he was busy hunting down someone who would! Sadly, Sam began to lose his fight in November of 2010. He quickly became more and more ill, and let us know in his own way, that he was tired and did not want to fight anymore. He will be greatly missed here. His memory will always be with us.

We love you Sam


My name is Al, and I am a German Owl Pigeon. I have been living here at Coral Reef for many years, after my previous owner could no longer care for me. I’m a grumpy old man and spend my days talking to anyone who will listen, and making a mess of my cage.